4 Bad Hair Habits to Quit

4 Bad Hair Habits to Quit

Let’s face it, we all do things we know we shouldn’t but is there some hair habits that we just need to stop? In this blog we discuss 4 common factors that could affect your hair or extensions in the long run.

Tying it up too much

Finding the perfect up-do style for you is always a great feeling but tying your hair up too much can be causing hidden damage. Pulling your hair back too tightly can cause tension on your scalp which could cause lasting damage if repeated often. Try to avoid wearing the same hairstyle each day and look into alternative hair ties. We stock a range of suitable products including specially designed hair ties, detangler brushes and more to ensure your hair is kept in the best condition.

Making sure to have a regular trim

Split ends usually start to become prominent after 3 month that’s why having a regular trim will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Here at Lox of Love our hair stylists carry out a range of hair cutting services so suit your style and hair type.

Create a hair wash schedule that works for you

Hair washing is a personal preference but sometimes you may not have the right schedule for your hair type. This is especially applied when wearing hair extensions. Here at Lox Of Love we can advise you on the correct washing routine to ensure your hair and extensions are kept in the best condition.

Applying hair extensions yourself

When you are looking to try extensions for the first time it can seem the easiest idea to buy your own and fit yourself. However, this can cause lasting damage if not done correctly. As Hair Extension specialists and award winners we can help you find the perfect extensions for your hair type, helping create long lasting luscious hair that works seamlessly with your real hair.

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