5 Different Ways to Curl with the Curl Bar by Hot Tools

5 Different Ways to Curl with the Curl Bar by Hot Tools

Hello to all of our wonderful clients! For those of you who purchased the Curl Bar by Hot Tools, I’m sure you are absolutely loving it, and if you haven’t… after reading this I’m sure you will be totally convinced!

As a team at Lox of Love we have challenged ourselves to 5 different curl styles with the Curl Bar. The first style is a very loose wave. This is done by taking big sections and wrapping the hair round the bar. You then leave this on for around 5 seconds, this can be done by pressing the button on the side of the Curl Bar. You then repeat this all the way round the head, curling in the same direction all the way round. Now the key to these beautiful waves is to brush them out and don’t worry, you won’t brush the Curl out!! It just creates a smooth, elegant wave in the hair. To hold it you can use our go-to products, the Kevin Murphy Doo.Over and finish with Shimmer Shine! And there you have it, a lovely wave…

Challenge number 1 accepted✔️

To then create a bouncier wave, with more volume… the key is to hold the hair round the barrel for longer. This means turning the timer up to 7/8 seconds. Again, in the same direction all the way around the head, taking smaller sections than before. Of course, then you need to brush it out, this is what creates the bounce in the hair. Even see for yourself…

Now a lot of people like the messy, undone look. This is created with the curl bar (of course!). Taking larger sections, you wrap the hair around the curl bar, this time it doesn’t need to be on for very long as this is a natural, loose wave we are creating. You then repeat this all the way around the head. HOWEVER… you do it in alternative directions. So curl one way first, then alternate the other. This stops the curls from falling into one when you brush it out and creates this amazing look!

To hold the style, we use Doo.Over and/or Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy. Now I know you’re thinking, can you use the Curl Bar on short hair and achieve the same look? The answer is yes! To create a tighter curl, you leave the hair round the bar for longer. If you keep doing this in different directions, you create a beach look. Hair Resort Spray, a product by Kevin Murphy is great to use with this style as it is like a sea salt spray except it is kinder to hair extensions. Below is a few examples of the beach look created with the Hot Tools Curl Bar.

The last style is created by using tiny sections and leaving the hair on the bar for 7+ seconds. It is curled in multiple directions to create a tighter beach curl.

So there you have it, 5 different ways of curling your hair. Even though the barrel is one size, there is more than one look you can achieve! Amazing right? Even better, you can do this on your own hair! Here is a quick video of how…

What’s your favourite style?

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps people who have the Curl Bar to do multiple things with your hair, or for those who are thinking about purchasing one – it really is the best styling tool ever!


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