Goodbye Frizz

Goodbye Frizz

August is Anti-Frizz Month!

Frizz is unfortunately a hair condition that many of us have to suffer with and it can be such a huge pain. It happens mostly when humidity gets into your cuticles and makes them malfunction. Those with curly hair will experience this more often than others. Anti-Frizz month was created by Alberto VO5 to help people across the globe who suffer hair prone to this texture. Luckily there are many ways to combat this idea of hair-hell, and we will be discussing some of these in this blog.

Condition, Condition, Condition!

If you have naturally frizzy hair, finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo can often be a massive pain and LOTS of trial and error. Haircare experts have suggested that shampoos can sometimes be over-drying which leads to frizzy-ness. This implies that using a shampoo which has conditioning, and hydrating properties is the best option. Conditioning shampoo is great because it helps detangle hair and realign hair fibres. On the other hand, different combinations must also be taken into consideration because sometimes shampoos which are to conditioning can make curls flop.

No Need To Wash Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair too often is drying and damaging because many shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulphates which can be really damaging to your hair. There are however sulphate free shampoos and conditioners available. When your hair is dry/frizzy, your hair tends to last longer before needing to be washed. It is recommended that people with this hair type wash their hair no more than three times a week to avoid your oil glands becoming overstimulated.

Go Cold

When taking your next shower, consider turning down the temperature of the water. Choosing to shower at a colder temperature helps protect both your hair and skin! This level of protection is great for preventing over-drying and frizz. Cold rinses help seal your hair cuticles. Alternatively, if you wouldn’t like to use cold water in the shower, you could tie up your hair to protect it from heat damage. You could also do a blast of cold water at the end of shampooing/conditioning too.

Adding moisture protectors before drying hair/styling is also a great way to protect against heat.

Serum Solution

Hair serums are used to help realign hair fibres and give the hair an overall smoother look. Serums that contain Dimethiconol are highly recommended as it is a synthetic silicone oil which smooths hair, realigns fibres, and makes hair feel luscious and soft. Serums also contain properties which enhance the hair’s natural curl or straightness.

There also products called moisture barrier hairsprays which are ultra-light, non-greasy and smooth frizz and frays.

Remember – everyone’s hair journey is different! You are beautiful and so is your hair. Perfecting your haircare routing can take a while so try not to stress – you’ll get there

If you would like haircare advice, contact us and speak to one of our fabulous stylists who would be happy to help.

You can also visit either our Newton Aycliffe or Leeds location.

For more information on our hair services please call 01325 327362 or visit our website:

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Dream Hair Today, Pay Later

Dream Hair Today, Pay Later

At Lox of Love, we want you to experience the joys of having your dream hair ASAP which is why we offer finance options! Whether you are visiting our Leeds or Newton Aycliffe, Payl8r makes applying for finance a whole lot easier and won’t leave you wanting to rip out your beautiful hair. In this blog we will be going through some of the things you will need to know before applying.

How Does It Work?

Payl8r offers a simple four step system to ensure that applying for and completing the finance option is completely effortless. After completing your online finance application with Payl8r, they do the rest!

  1. Checkout with Payl8r by clicking the “Payl8r” option at checkout.
  2. Payment process – select deposit, instalment plan and complete the simple 60 second application form.
  3. Confirmation! Your application was successful, and your hair treatment/products are paid for.
  4. Set up your account to view all payments and dates.

If you would like to see what your repayments might be before you apply, you can use our finance calculator to help you decide on which repayment option would be best for you.

With Payl8r, you can repay in full within 30 days at 0% interest or choose an instalment plan to repay on a monthly basis which can be changed at any time should your circumstances change. Interest rates start at as little as 1% per month!

Why Payl8r?

While researching the best ‘buy now, pay later’ options, Payl8r really stood out to us. They offer transparency and integrity with their services and that was exactly what we are looking for. They also offer:

  • Apply without affecting your credit
  • High acceptance rates
  • Low interest rates
  • Interest free periods
  • Flexible friendly finance


There are a small number of qualifications you must meet in order to be accepted for finance with Payl8r…

  • Be a UK resident
  • Have online banking
  • Have a regular source of income

In just a few clicks, you can be on your way to flawless locks without having to wait. Whether you are looking for a fresh cut, a set of stunning extensions or a fierce new colour, now you can!

For all of your hair needs – visit us at Lox of Love!

Call us on 01325 327362.

Check out for more information about our award-winning services.

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Choosing A Career In Hair Styling

Choosing A Career In Hair Styling

Within the field of hair and beauty there are several avenues available to satisfy your passion. Whether you are interested in the stunning art of hair extensions, or you are more technologically inclined – there is a path at Lox for you. In this blog we will discuss some of the ways that you can begin or continue a career in the hairdressing industry with us at Lox of Love. We are a growing business with salons in Newton Aycliffe and Leeds. Our Lox Family is absolutely fantastic as evidenced by our awards and nominations.

Hair Extensions

If you already have experience in fitting hair extensions and are simply looking to advance your career, Lox of Love is the place for you. We truly believe that hair extensions are an art in themselves. Training people in this field is a great experience for both us and trainees because we absolutely love what we do and would love to help others feel the same way! There are many forms of hair extension to learn such as wefts, bonds, tape ins and many more! With our Lox to Learn programme, our brilliant hair extension technicians can help catapult you to the next level. Your hair styling game will be off the charts!

Hair extensions are available to everyone who is interested! Our team of hair wizards transform clients’ looks, always leaving them smiling! It is also extremely satisfying for us to see the end result.

We are always looking for talented new stylists to join our team.

Cut & Colour

Join our team of FABULOUS colourists and bring your creativity to our salons. Although Lox do typically specialise in hair extensions, we also LOVE to add a pop of colour to our lives. Whether our clients are looking for a subtle shade or a crazy colour we are totally here for it!

Whether you are already a hair colouring master, or looking to make this your speciality, send your CV to our team and we will be happy to take a look.

Totally Trendy

Our Lox team are all ways on track with trends, ensuring that our salons and services are fully up to date with any developments in the hairdressing world. We are always learning and training to make sure that every customer that leaves the salon is happy and satisfied with their experience. We aim to provide our customers with the hair they have always wanted whether it is a modern style or something more classic.

Customer Service

Interacting with customers is at the forefront of what we do in the hairdressing industry. From booking an appointment to taking payment, customer service is always a huge priority in order to retain customers and create strong relationships.

Customer service is a HUGE area in itself! We interact with customers in a whole range of ways…

  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Taking/making calls
  • Greeting customers

Convinced yet?

Contact us or take a look around our website to find out more about what we do!

Our salons are fully Covid safe and fully compliant with all of the necessary government guidelines.

Check out our careers page to find out more.

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Get Prom Ready!

Get Prom Ready!

It’s Prom time!!

With prom just around the corner we’re so excited to see all of our gorgeous clients here at Lox of Love getting prom ready! We know it must have been awful not seeing your mates much for the past year, which is why we want to make your prom day mega special!

In this blog we’re going to discuss some of the trends that are soooo in right now and would be perfect for prom.

Going (and Glowing) Up!

An updo is totally trendy and perfectly practical!

If you don’t plan on leaving the dancefloor all night, having your hair tied back and out of your pretty face is ideal – we know that you’ll probably want to show off that stunning Prom outfit anyway!

Even though it might seem pretty simple, a ponytail with a unique flair could be totally perfect for that sleek and sophisticated look. You could even add to that a cute little plait or twist to just give it that added wow factor! Just think – Ariana Grande always looks perfect, right?!

Tying up all of those locks is always gorgeous and keeps you cool all night long.

At Lox of Love our lovely team will make you look absolutely gorge no matter the style you choose.

Halfway There…

Half up, half down dos are half stunning, half simply to die for!

These ultra-elegant looks have the benefits of showing off your pretty make-up while giving so much versatility that everyone will be so jealous of!

Half up, half down hairstyles can be done in so many ways that each give such a different vibe. On one side they can be sweet and simple, but on the other they can be voluminous and statuesque!

This look can look literally perfect on almost every hair type and length so you really can’t go wrong!

Let It Flow…

Wearing all of your hair down is absolutely timeless!Showing off hair in this way – styled or natural – is absolutely stunning on any hair length or type.

If you opt for wearing your hair loose you still have so many options for styling:

  • Curled
  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Crimped

If you are looking to do something a little more extravagant with your hair before prom, at Lox of Love we can transform your hair colour, length and so much more!

Our team of hair geniuses can create length with our variety of hair extensions: Individual Bonds (hot & cold fusion), Micro Ring Wefts, Tape Extensions and our brand new Ultrastrands.

For all of your hair needs – visit Lox of Love.

Call us on 01325 327362

Visit: for more information about our award-winning services.

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Get Ultra-Glam with Ultrastrands

Get Ultra-Glam with Ultrastrands

We are so so excited to announce that Lox of Love is now an Approved UltraStrands Salon!!

It’s been a long time coming but we are so happy to finally introduce UltraStrands extensions to our already epic repertoire. We are fully trained and ready to go!

In this blog we will be going through all of the facts and things you need to know about this fantastic new hair treatment!

What in the World are UltraStrands?

Did you know – UltraStrands are the lightest hair extension system in the UK?!

This revolutionary system blends seamlessly with your natural hair resulting in effortlessly gorgeous volume. You can even colour and treat your hair while installed – crazy right?

They are available in various custom colours, lengths and textures meaning that your hair will still look natural.

You Won’t Regret It!

There are so many benefits to using this method of extension compared to others:

  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Lightweight
  • Natural hairline
  • Able to apply hair treatments
  • Allows scalp to breathe
  • Available in various sizes and densities to fit a range of hair types (e.g. fine/thinning)
  • Able to style

Is this the right hair solution for you?

Before you receive the treatment you will have a consultation with one of our fantastic stylists where we will discuss the process and conduct a colour patch test if it’s necessary.

On general fine or thin hair UltraStrands blends with your own hair, with the volumizing hair creating natural looking volume where necessary.

Natural fine/thin hair is really common, so you are not alone. We understand that this hair type can be hard to manage which is why UltraStrands could be perfect for you!

UltraStrands also has the ability to solve the issue of female pattern baldness. The system comes in various sizes which means it can cover varying degrees of thinning while giving you full access to your scalp.

Female pattern baldness is also fairly common – 1 in 5 women experience this. We know that this can be distressing which is why we are here to help.

It is really no exaggeration when we say that UltraStrands could change your life just check out our reviews on Facebook and Instagram. This system has the ability to improve your self-confidence and make you look even more beautiful than you already are.

In becoming an UltraStrands approved salon, it means we have completed all of the training required to deliver UltraStrands products and received full certification.

Our salon is fully Covid safe and ready to take customers!

If you are ready to try this incredible new service, please call 01325 327362 or visit: for more information about our AWARD-WINNING services.

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Post-Lockdown Hair Trends

Post-Lockdown Hair Trends

If you are looking for a post-lockdown glow up but aren’t sure what to go for, these suggestions will not only make you look gorgeous, but they will also make it impossible to choose!

Super Cute Styles

If your hair is all one length, it can start to look a little flat, but with layers it can create that ultra-glam lift. Layering can be super fun and sassy no matter what your natural texture or length is. For example, if you’re one of the blessed few with naturally curly hair (totally not jealous), layers will enhance those curls and make them even more gorgeous!

Feeling a little more adventurous? Perhaps you’d be interested in an ultra-chic 90s-vibe mullet. It began gaining popularity again recently after celebrities like Miley began totally rocking the look! Although they can sometimes be quite a handful to maintain, they are super easy to style and make you look absolutely fabulous.

The bob is an ageless look and can be done in so many different ways. They can be both long and short and can be styled in so many stunning ways. These can also serve as a welcome break from heat styling as it can look beautiful with or without.

Creative Colours

If you’re totally tired of your lockdown-induced natural colour, bright colours are very much always in! From beautiful blondes to pretty pinks and almost everything in between, you really can’t go wrong. If you are ready to retire the Winter do, maybe consider going bold!

If you’re not completely down for an extreme transformation, the ombre look is so effortlessly chic and definitely here to stay!

Extra Extensions

If you’re looking to add some length to your hair or a fuller-thicker look, Lox of Love are THE place to go for top quality extensions. We offer so many different options for extensions, you’ll be spoilt for choice…!

  • Wefts
  • Bonds
  • Tape-Ins
  • Our NEW Ultra Strands (you won’t want to miss!)

Lox of Love also carry a number of trusted brands such as Cloud Nine, Olaplex and many more! This way, you know that you will be guaranteed treatment that is the absolute bomb!

If you are ready to try something new, please call 01325 327362 or visit: for more information about our AWARD-WINNING services.

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Lox Of Love Hair Services

Lox Of Love Hair Services

We all know that once lockdown is over, a priority is going to be getting back into the hair salons and having a new colour or a trim to help rejuvenate your hair. We are so excited to be able to welcome you all back to Lox Of Love and that’s why we thought we’d remind you of our hair services! Our team of talented experts provide a specialist hair extension and hair replacement service alongside cutting and colouring services too.

Hair Extensions

As hair extension specialists we provide a number of services to help you achieve your dream hair. We fit and cut extensions tailored to your head shape and hair, so it doesn’t matter if you have a chunky bob or long locks, we can give you dream hair regardless. In your consultation we will recommended to you which hair range, length and style is best to suit your hair and lifestyle in order to get the best out of your extensions.

Our Lox Of Love range of flat wefts is now available in over 20 shades and 3 different lengths. AMAZING! You are able to pre-order yours now for when life gradually returns to normal. Contact our team to find out more.

Hair Cutting

Do you fancy something new? A new style or a fringe? Our hair cutting services will meet your requirements and do your locks wonders. Taking into consideration the amount of time it has been since the salon was open, a good cut could be just what your hair needs!

Hair Colouring

Touch up your roots or transform your hair! We take the health of our client’s hair very seriously so if you ask us to ‘make you blonde’ don’t forget what a task this is… there is so much to consider, it requires a lot of discussion and some serious long-term commitment. Don’t underestimate what is involved in hair colouring as if it happens too fast irreversible damage can happen. Don’t panic, you know we can get your hair to the dream just be prepared for it to take time… we know what we are doing!

We have an online colour passport coming very soon! As a result of COVID-19, reactions to hair colour treatments have increased and potentially the vaccine is having an impact on a person’s sensitivity of PPD, the ingredients found in permanent hair dyes. We take our industry and insurance guidance very seriously and as an industry as a whole we are tightening up on our sensitivity testing prior to our colouring services.

As a result of insurance claims from colour sensitivity tripling over the pandemic, we are refreshing our patch testing policy. So, we are introducing you to our online colour passports.

  • Simple and effective
  • Your guarantee of being booked in for last minute availability slots
  • Avoid the need to visit the salon 2 days prior to your colour service
  • Is an approved medical grade test that covers all hair colouring brands

If you are interested in our online colour passport, please speak to our team as soon as possible as there is limited availability to begin with.

To book a future appointment or to speak to a member of our team, please call 01325 327362 or visit: for more information about our services. Plus, our new price list is out now so get in contact with our team for your copy!

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How Extensions Apply To Your Hair Length

How Extensions Apply To Your Hair Length

When it comes to hair extensions, we are proud to be specialists and can match your perfect extensions with length. In this blog we are going to discuss how your current hair can match with our bespoke extensions.

Short Hair – chopped in at the neck and layered

If your hair I short people are surprised when we say we can fit hair extensions. We normally say at least 4″ or more to be able to fit them in, however if you are unsure you can always speak to us anyway and we can point you in the right direction.

Usually if your natural hair is short, the maximum hair extension length we would recommend is 12”, this is purely to ensure you achieve the most natural and seamless look with your extensions.

Mid Length – hair is at or above the shoulders

If your hair is mid-length, we tend to say maximum length is around 20″. Usually, the rule of thumb is 3 times your natural length. This allows us to blend the extensions seamlessly and create layers to enhance that natural look.

If your hair is mid-length and you are wanting to create a lot of length and thickness, we would recommend a micro ring weft. This is extremely lightweight and versatile. Great for your natural hair and gives a flawless finish! Wefts are currently our most popular option.

Long Hair – below the shoulders

Have you already got long hair, but not long or thick enough? Well with long hair you have more choice of what methods/lengths can be put into your hair.

Extensions can be used for several things, along with adding more colour or tone to your natural hair (without having to dye your own). Amazing I know! If you have brown hair for instance, fancy going a little bit longer and add some lighter pieces, having some hair extensions would do this for you and more! All lengths for long hair are suitable- from 16″-24”.

To learn more about our extension services and book your initial consultation please call 01325 327362 or visit:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Question 101 – Why you can’t go from black to blonde in one day…

Question 101 – Why you can’t go from black to blonde in one day…


I will give you 5 major reasons why?!?! Only joking that sounds quite angry, doesn’t it? I swear I’m not, I’m perfectly happy in my little bubble.

So I thought I would make a blog post about why you can’t go from black to blonde in one day/one sitting in the salon. It’s one of those things where we wish we had a magic wand to make it happen for you, but unfortunately no, not in this lifetime anyway. Going from black to blonde is a process, a long process which means accepting the fact you are going to be a few different shades before you reach your desired shade!

Above is a before picture of a client who had box dyed black hair and wanted to go blonde

Black is 10 shades darker than blonde, so if you think the lightener has to lift your hair 10 shades to get you where you want… now, even typing it sounds a lot but I mean it really is A LOT. Black has a lot of warm, red undertones in the colour- this is great if you have black/dark brown hair because the shine is UNBELIEVABLE! But for a hairdresser trying to remove the colour- it is a NIGHTMARE.

Realistically you need to come to terms with the fact that, on your first session going from black to blonde… you will be looking at a copper, warm brown – still quite dark shade. That first lift is always the hardest! Here is an image below of the lady above who had box dyed black hair and came to us wanting to be lighter. This is the first sitting in our salon- where we reached a warm brown base.

What some people also don’t know, is the hair on top of your head (root to mid-lengths) is normally the bit that lifts quite well. Typically because that’s the fresh hair- it has had less dye on so there’s less colour to lift out. However, the ends of your hair really are the toughest, most stubborn bits to lift. This is for a few reasons, the hair is old, it has been coloured the most times, so normally more damaged.

So, taking all that into consideration, to get an even tone so you aren’t walking out of the salon looking like a “Moroccan sunset” then we need to keep you at a darker base first-time round!

After the second session you would be looking more at a caramel shade, you could make it a balayage or full head of highlights! But again sticking with the warm tones because we are still trying to remove all the build-up of colour and tones from the original black colour…. Sometimes it even takes two sittings to get to the caramel stage. Everyone’s hair is different, it lifts different and there’s different history to everyone’s hair. Below is an image of the lady above, who came to visit us for the second time whereby we lifted the hair again… as you can see this is a much lighter tone but still very warm and not blonde.

Someone who was blonde under the dark brown and has had very few dyes on… will typically lift quite well and would probably take 2/3 sittings depending on the desired shade of blonde. On the other hand, someone who has BOX DYED (had to put it in capitals because it’s a hairdresser’s pet hate haha) their hair for 10+ years, you’re talking 5/6 sessions to get to your desired shade.

Below is a mixture of shades that can be reached after a few sessions from the colour above…

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4 Bad Hair Habits to Quit

4 Bad Hair Habits to Quit

Let’s face it, we all do things we know we shouldn’t but is there some hair habits that we just need to stop? In this blog we discuss 4 common factors that could affect your hair or extensions in the long run.

Tying it up too much

Finding the perfect up-do style for you is always a great feeling but tying your hair up too much can be causing hidden damage. Pulling your hair back too tightly can cause tension on your scalp which could cause lasting damage if repeated often. Try to avoid wearing the same hairstyle each day and look into alternative hair ties. We stock a range of suitable products including specially designed hair ties, detangler brushes and more to ensure your hair is kept in the best condition.

Making sure to have a regular trim

Split ends usually start to become prominent after 3 month that’s why having a regular trim will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Here at Lox of Love our hair stylists carry out a range of hair cutting services so suit your style and hair type.

Create a hair wash schedule that works for you

Hair washing is a personal preference but sometimes you may not have the right schedule for your hair type. This is especially applied when wearing hair extensions. Here at Lox Of Love we can advise you on the correct washing routine to ensure your hair and extensions are kept in the best condition.

Applying hair extensions yourself

When you are looking to try extensions for the first time it can seem the easiest idea to buy your own and fit yourself. However, this can cause lasting damage if not done correctly. As Hair Extension specialists and award winners we can help you find the perfect extensions for your hair type, helping create long lasting luscious hair that works seamlessly with your real hair.

For more information on our hair services please call 01325 327362 or visit our website:

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