Get Prom Ready!

Get Prom Ready!

It’s Prom time!!

With prom just around the corner we’re so excited to see all of our gorgeous clients here at Lox of Love getting prom ready! We know it must have been awful not seeing your mates much for the past year, which is why we want to make your prom day mega special!

In this blog we’re going to discuss some of the trends that are soooo in right now and would be perfect for prom.

Going (and Glowing) Up!

An updo is totally trendy and perfectly practical!

If you don’t plan on leaving the dancefloor all night, having your hair tied back and out of your pretty face is ideal – we know that you’ll probably want to show off that stunning Prom outfit anyway!

Even though it might seem pretty simple, a ponytail with a unique flair could be totally perfect for that sleek and sophisticated look. You could even add to that a cute little plait or twist to just give it that added wow factor! Just think – Ariana Grande always looks perfect, right?!

Tying up all of those locks is always gorgeous and keeps you cool all night long.

At Lox of Love our lovely team will make you look absolutely gorge no matter the style you choose.

Halfway There…

Half up, half down dos are half stunning, half simply to die for!

These ultra-elegant looks have the benefits of showing off your pretty make-up while giving so much versatility that everyone will be so jealous of!

Half up, half down hairstyles can be done in so many ways that each give such a different vibe. On one side they can be sweet and simple, but on the other they can be voluminous and statuesque!

This look can look literally perfect on almost every hair type and length so you really can’t go wrong!

Let It Flow…

Wearing all of your hair down is absolutely timeless!Showing off hair in this way – styled or natural – is absolutely stunning on any hair length or type.

If you opt for wearing your hair loose you still have so many options for styling:

  • Curled
  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Crimped

If you are looking to do something a little more extravagant with your hair before prom, at Lox of Love we can transform your hair colour, length and so much more!

Our team of hair geniuses can create length with our variety of hair extensions: Individual Bonds (hot & cold fusion), Micro Ring Wefts, Tape Extensions and our brand new Ultrastrands.

For all of your hair needs – visit Lox of Love.

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