For all you extension wearers who wonder what brush is best for you? Well I am going to give you some ideas of what we would recommend to stop any matting, snapped ends and to give you a pain free experience. There are a range of brushes out there which we all use, however many of these are bad for hair extensions as they pull in all the wrong places. The first definite no for brushing the roots of extensions is a paddle brush. Although these are great for taking out any knots on natural hair, it pulls the bonds or weft and can also get caught in them. But of course, you can’t just leave the tops of the extensions as they will get matted which can be very painful to remove.

For thorough brushing of the extensions we would recommend 100% the Tangle Teezers. I’m sure you’ve all heard of these before, great for kids who hate getting their hair brushed as they somehow stop it from pulling as much as a paddle brush.

There are Tangle Teezer compacts which are great for using on the go. These are hand bag size so no matter where you are you can always brush your hair. These brushes glide through the hair rather than nag at it- for extensions this is great as you don’t want to cause too much tension!

In the salon we use a lot of the Tangle Teezer ultimate. We love these as they are great for all hair types. They sell extremely well in the salon too for a number of reasons:

  • They remove any matting between the extensions and your natural hair
  • They are great for brushing through curls to create a bouncy wave/curl
  • The larger teeth on the brush allow you to get right into the scalp, so it feels like you’ve had a good brush through

Another range of brushes that we use are by Beauty Works. These are similar to a Tangle Teezer however come in a paddle brush shape, round brush and an oval brush.  The paddle bristle brush is great for blow drying extensions, it smooths out the hair and again takes out any knotting which may be at the roots. This is best for people who have very long hair as sometimes it can be harder using a round brush when there is so much hair