How Extensions Apply To Your Hair Length

How Extensions Apply To Your Hair Length

When it comes to hair extensions, we are proud to be specialists and can match your perfect extensions with length. In this blog we are going to discuss how your current hair can match with our bespoke extensions.

Short Hair – chopped in at the neck and layered

If your hair I short people are surprised when we say we can fit hair extensions. We normally say at least 4″ or more to be able to fit them in, however if you are unsure you can always speak to us anyway and we can point you in the right direction.

Usually if your natural hair is short, the maximum hair extension length we would recommend is 12”, this is purely to ensure you achieve the most natural and seamless look with your extensions.

Mid Length – hair is at or above the shoulders

If your hair is mid-length, we tend to say maximum length is around 20″. Usually, the rule of thumb is 3 times your natural length. This allows us to blend the extensions seamlessly and create layers to enhance that natural look.

If your hair is mid-length and you are wanting to create a lot of length and thickness, we would recommend a micro ring weft. This is extremely lightweight and versatile. Great for your natural hair and gives a flawless finish! Wefts are currently our most popular option.

Long Hair – below the shoulders

Have you already got long hair, but not long or thick enough? Well with long hair you have more choice of what methods/lengths can be put into your hair.

Extensions can be used for several things, along with adding more colour or tone to your natural hair (without having to dye your own). Amazing I know! If you have brown hair for instance, fancy going a little bit longer and add some lighter pieces, having some hair extensions would do this for you and more! All lengths for long hair are suitable- from 16″-24”.

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