Just a little progress update…

Just a little progress update…

By now you will all be wondering when you will be able to return to ‘normal’ life.  Many of you, just like us, will be wondering how we will be able to re-open under social distancing guidelines when we, as stylist and client, cannot possibly stay 2 metres apart (unless our team grow longer arms in the next few weeks!).

Well rest assured, we have been working long and hard to establish a new ‘normal’ that ensures the safety of both our team and our clients once the government gives us the nod that we can open our doors once again.  We want you to feel safe when you visit us.

So here are just a few changes we think we will be making to keep us all as protected as possible (obviously this is PLAN A! We are also in the process of devising plan’s B,C,D,E… because, as yet, we have no idea when or how the world will start turning the right way again.)

  1. Priority bookingwe will be launching this scheme in the coming weeks so don’t panic if you’re thinking that you’ve no idea what we’re talking about!  This scheme is designed to ensure that our first available appointments are allocated in the fairest possible way as we currently have a waiting list a mile long! Which leads me onto the next point…
  2. Extended opening hourswe will be saying goodbye to our usual opening hours for the foreseeable, and we will be opening our doors to welcome you all 7 days a week!  Each working day will be longer too, so that leaves many more opportunities to book in.
  3. Restricted numbersthe usual busy and bustly feel to our salon will be curbed so that we can control the movement within the salon.  We have clearly marked off areas within the salon that will be allocated per appointment.  Our appointment start times will also be staggered so that we haven’t got 5 or 6 clients all arriving at the same time.
  4. Not your usual home from homeplease don’t be offended when you arrive and we don’t offer you a cuppa, or ask you if you want some magazines to read while your colour is developing.  We really want to, but we have your safety and well-being at heart.  Even our team will be asked not to make each other drinks, and if any of you know me you will know what a sacrifice this is!  I thrive on my 435 cups of black coffee per day, made for me automatically by all of the team each time the kettle boils!!
  5. We will probably all be dressed funnyalthough we are uncertain as to what the government guidelines will be, we have been looking at what other countries are doing, and we anticipate that both you as clients, and us as stylists (somehow!) will have to wear some form of protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc.  And we’re ok with that!  Hey, at least we will all be looking ridiculous together!
  6. Longer appointment timesas stylists we are going to have to adapt to a slower pace.  You all know what we are like.. “Oh, there’s a 7 minute gap, of course I can squeeze you in for a full head of foils!”  Well not anymore.  This particular point is a major plus for you guys as it means that you will have dedicated one-on-one time with your stylist.  The downside (which we have tried to counteract with extended opening hours) is that we will be seeing less clients per day, but you have our undivided attention from start to finish!
  7. You will ALL need a hairwash for some of you, this is music to your ears, for others, not so much!  However, we anticipate that this will be part of the government’s safety recommendations, so we will be allowing time during every appointment for a wash and blowdry if it isn’t already scheduled into your appointment.
  8. No cash pleasewe request that you pay by card or bank transfer to avoid any cash exchanges.  This is a much safer way of doing business and one that we will no doubt see in all industries for a long time to come.
  9. Small price increaseas is our usual policy, we like to be open and honest with our clients, so we have added a small increase (less than 5%) to our prices, and here’s the reason why:  we have had to significantly change the way we work.  Our industry relies on a high volume of clients in order for us to survive so restricting numbers within the salon means our income will reduce, and extending our opening hours means our operating costs will rise.  Our suppliers will be increasing their prices for similar reasons so we will have to take this on board too.  Lastly, we have to factor in protective clothing, disposable gowns and more styling tools so that we can work on a rotation of sterilizing them between clients.  But as a positive for you guys, you will get more time in the chair and our undivided attention (which we appreciate that sometimes is hard to find, and believe me, this is something we all feel incredibly guilty about at times!).
  10. You will need to come alone and on timedue to restricted numbers, we will be asking all of our clients to not bring friends, children or other family members to their appointments.  Similarly you will need to arrive at your exact appointment time to minimise numbers in our waiting area.  If you are early, please wait in your car until your appointment time.

And last but not least…

  1. You will need to be well!!  We will be asking for total honesty and integrity from all of our wonderful clients.  We know you will all be absolutely desperate to get your roots done, or your extensions back in, but we ask that you only attend an appointment if you know you are fit and well.  This is to ensure the health and well-being of our team, our families and the rest of our clients.  It only takes one client overlooking their cough or fever, to close our salon doors once again while we all self-isolate.  We ask that you please reschedule your appointment if you feel at all unwell or you have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms within the previous 7 days.

So that’s it! War and Peace of how we overcome the many obstacles we will be faced with for our new ‘normal’.  We know this is not an exhaustive list, and we know some of what we have stated may not be necessary, but the way we see it, you can never be too careful!  We want to do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to ensure your safety and ours, and we want you to feel safe when you finally return!


If you have any queries or concerns we will be happy to have a chat with you. We intend to schedule “Catch Up Appointments” with those who want them while we are still in lockdown.  Send us a message on social media, or to enquiries@loxoflove.co.uk if you would like to arrange a chat with your usual stylist.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Insta pages and our Lockdown with Lox of Love Facebook group for updates, offers and general hellos from us all.

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Remember, you can also purchase online gift vouchers using the link below, which will sit as credits for your future appointments.  This may help some of you to budget, and I know it will certainly help to keep us going!

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I will be in touch again soon with more updates to War and Peace and details of our Priority Booking Service.  We miss you all and cannot wait to open our salon doors once again!

See you all soon,

Sending socially distanced air hugs from us all,

Victoria and the Lox Team xxx