Looking After Your Hair Extensions

Looking After Your Hair Extensions

The aftercare routine you implement once having extensions in your hair is vital, making sure you look after them correctly will determine how long they last and their condition. In this blog we are going to identify the key elements that form a hair extension aftercare routine that should keep them in perfect condition.

Washing Your Extensions

Washing your extensions correctly is essential to them lasting a substantial period of time as well as keeping your own hair in good condition. Make sure you are using a recommended aftercare range of products on your extensions. This will ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you are using doesn’t have a negative impact on the bonds, causing them to come loose or slip out of place. At Lox Of Love, we can provide you with the products that will maintain the strength of your extensions and keep them healthy.

Brushing Your Hair

Whether you have washed your hair or are just brushing it normally in the morning, doing it as gently as possible is the key to lasting undamaged hair extensions. Take your time and slowly brush your hair, if there are tangles use your fingers to help remove them as this will put less strain on the extensions. Where possible use a hair extension brush to help your bonds remain in good condition and not catch them. We offer a wide range of products including brushes that you are able to order through our website.

Never Sleep With Wet Hair

By leaving your hair wet before you go to bed poses the risk of your hair being extremely tangled in the morning. We understand that it can be tempting to get into bed with wet hair, but if you want your extensions to last then this is not recommended. If you were to sleep with wet or damp hair, when you go to brush it the next morning you will put more pressure on the bonds and cuticles of your hair without even realising.

Here at Lox Of Love, we can advise you on the best possible aftercare products which will help you maintain strong and healthy hair extensions. If you are looking for professional advice or would like to find out more information about hair extensions, visit our website www.loxoflove.co.uk or call us on 01325 327362.