Our 2022 Trend Predictions

At Lox of Love, our stylists absolutely love making predictions for what lies ahead in terms of hair trends, and we know that you do too! The way hair is styled is constantly evolving in order to follow new trends, and more recently returning to older, retro trends. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the top trends which are rearing their heads ahead of the new year.

Marvellous Mixie

A “mixie” is a modern take on a mullet and pixie cut. Both of these styles have become increasingly popular in recent years, partially due to the surge of androgynous styles and many people deciding to follow their own personal style. We absolutely love both of these adventurous styles, so combining them to create a super style like this one is absolutely fantastic!

Beautiful Blowout

Breathe in… Blow-out! Don’t forget to breathe when you witness the unbelievable beauty of a blowout hairstyle. This simple yet elevated style gives you volume for days! “For 2022, we’re talking big, bouncy, 90’s supermodel-style volume.” Says celebrity hairstylist, Luke Hersheson. We are very excited for this one here at Lox.

Au Natural

Natural hair styles have shown to remain extremely popular over the years with their impeccable versatility and adaptability. They can be suitable for all hair types and lengths, meaning that this trend is an easy one to follow. There are many natural styles which have stood the test of time and many new ones which are enjoyed by millions around the world. In different cultures, natural hair can connote different things – for example, in many African cultures, natural hair relates to someone’s un-styled hair which is typically a curly, afro style. We absolutely love all kinds of natural hair, all of which are incredibly unique and beautiful.

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